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Originally Posted by Larrick View Post
I will follow your instructions. I researched the heater valves and plan to flush the heater core. There is an article on Pelican which explains this and also how to remove and clean the valves.
Question: If the three hoses coming from the valves and intake are all hot, does that indicate that the valves are open?
If so, why heat to only the driver side?
Is the heater core seperated into two halves which are fed by the two hoses from the valves?
If the metal pipes under the panel near excelerator are hot , are valves operating? I do not want to do unnecessary work.
Could one side be gunked up?
I plan on flushing the system after I get it to run with out overheating.
Is the engine block drain very difficult to get at?
I will get to work tjis am and report back.
You don't need to bother with the engine block drain. That's really hard core and unnecessary. You will not achieve anything different from a normal radiator flush.

I'm afraid I can't properly answer your other questions. I'm not too sure about the heater valve system. Others here can help surely.

It is, of course, quite possible that some of your pipes are 'gunked up' as you say.

Lets kill the overheat issue first.
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