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Originally Posted by Needsdecaf View Post
Well, the reviewer is wrong. The M3 has always been about being a thinly disguised race car. The M5, never. It's always meant to be the ultimate gentleman's express. A car to use everyday that can dominate the autobahn, be engaging to drive, and can be brought to the track for a little fun.

The E60 was more like a big M3. And that was too far from the design brief of the M5. The issues with the E60 M5 were that the tremendous thirst and sub 200 mile range meant the car could not be effectively used as a daily driver unless it was around town. And the SMG was just a disaster for being a daily driver. Again, compromises that might be acceptable in the M3 but not in the M5.

To me, the F10 M5 returns to the stated mission brief of the M5.

The M3 is another story. The original M3 WAS born of racing, remember it was a homologation special. And apart from the weak sauce E36 M3, which happens to be a great driver's car, but is more along the lines of a ZHP package than a true M Car IMO, the M3 was and continues to be taut and high strung. I am hoping (and believing, honestly) that the F80 will continue that clenched fist aggression. I have been impressed with the F30 chassis and expect the new M3/4 to be a winner.
I agree completely with the statements in bold. You may remember me saying that I was leaning toward the Panny S and E63AMG before the M5 came out. Your comments are exactly why. The E60 M5 was a bigger M3 and I sold my M3 since I found it to be a difficult daily driver. The F10 M5 is very comparable to the Panny and the AMG cars in that it is easy to drive and is extremely comfortable. If you want to make it more aggressive you just change the settings and boom it turns into a big M3. The settings are the secret to the F10. You can make it feel much like the E60 (without the dreaded gear slams from the SMG) or you can make it feel pretty close to a 550i M sport. Stealth is right when he says the F10 M5 is one of the best cars around.

Originally Posted by solstice View Post
Whatever you want to call it the new M5 is a bigger, heavier and more luxurious and more isolated car than the earlier iterations. Like the non M cars it's now close to the size of the old 7 series. All reviewers pickup on this, some see it as welcome progress some don't. It does not seem that they disagree on how the car drives, just if they like the change or not, as they guy says, it's good in a different way, so he likes both concepts while the insideline's guy prefers the old way.
True. I like the new concept better myself and was never really a fan of the E60 M5. I always thought the E60 was too harsh for a daily driver and if I wanted a car that harsh I would pick the M3 since its size was more suitable for that type of feel.

Originally Posted by solstice View Post
Yes, all M cars I've driven have that feel of a contained race horse. Some hide much of their true nature in the exterior but not from the driver's seat. They can do slow and easy very well but there is some huffing and puffing in the background and a few jolts here and there always reminding you that it's a thorough bread. I like that.
No worries. The F10 still does all of that. You just have to get the settings right. It takes some time to figure out and a quick test drive loop will not show you this. It took me driving the car for 3 hours on the track/autocross and playing with various settings to realize how great this car is.
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