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Ok so I have no business being here other than to occasionally drool at pretty cars, but I just have to ask, what kind of educator are you?? I teach in a public school in Arkansas and I *wish* I was making what you are! Granted this is only my 5th year and Arkansas isn't a very affluent state, but still.

I love teaching, and I love cars. Probably a little too much on the latter, as I've been through...several.....over the past several years. My students seem to enjoy asking me about the cars I drive, because I don't drive anything typically "teachery" and I don't drive anything boring. In fact I recently leased a 2013 MINI Cooper S Bayswater Edition and alternate back and forth between driving it and driving my 1984 classic Mini to school. Both get much better fuel economy than my 328i Coupe did, and though the new MINI isn't anywhere near as beefy or refined as the 328i, it's so much fun I can overlook those things - at least for the next 3 years! At that time I'll be in an even better financial position to get back into a Bimmer, new this time, if I so choose.

Anyway, your decision is your own. You have an amazing vehicle, and one that I would personally love to look out my window and see parked there. Maybe eventually we'll begin valuing education as we should, monetarily, and I'll be able to afford an M3
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