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Originally Posted by ard View Post
Thanks. But your toe is definitely NOT set for optimal wear.

They just 'made it in the green' but did not minimize it. In fact the RF toe os STILL out of spec (spec is 0.03+/-0.03 is 0.07, max SHOULD be 0.06)

You want all 4 set to 0.02 to 0.03.


Having said all this, you will do better with this setting, but could do even better.

Hi Ard,
Why would BMW AG (and I ask because I simply can't imagine) say "target data" for toe is 0.05 left and 0.07 right? Will the BMW dealer even dare go to 0.03 if I ask? I'll bet they'll say they can't set it outside of BMW's specs.

Certainly is much better than it was though right?
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