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94 530i AC and re-circulation coming on randomly

So this just started happening. I'll try to describe it as best as I can.

The AC has always been kind of weak but it worked and when I did turn it on, it had a slight whistle but nothing big for something I was glad that even worked. So my AC worked but made a slight whistling noise.

My recirculation also worked and now I believe that they both work off the same fan that is different from the main heater blower fan because the heater blowers and front defrost blower work just fine and have normal power and heat.

The three buttons for the rear defrost, AC and recirc. are mounted in a column next to each other in this model, on the dash, kind of lower, in between the stick shift and the radio.

Last night, the LED lights behind the recirc. and AC started blinking and coming on intermittently, at random. I looked for a pattern in case it could be some kind of diagnostic code and it is basically at random. One thing is that sometimes the lights flash green and sometimes they flash yellow. It is like they are trying to tell me something but it all seems very random. I've looked through these forums and googled this a whole lot and I've gone through the fusebox in the engine compartment but I haven't pulled out the backseat to look at the one in there because, well, that's why I'm here, let me get to what I'd like to do.

I'd like to just disable the AC system and whatever fan this is that is coming on for the recirc and AC because when it comes on, there is just a very slight loss of power to the engine, barely noticeable, but it happens.

Ideally, I'd like to have the whole system working again but I live in a climate where I don't really need AC and it's about to be winter anyway and so what I'd like to do is just electrically or otherwise disable this little AC and circ. fan (or blower) that is cutting on and off when the lights blink.

And also the rear defroster, same thing, on that same column. I'd prefer that keep working but if I have to pull a relay that disables all three, that's fine.

I've also looked through Bentley's and my owner's manual on this and the specific issue on exactly which relays and fuses are which are not that great although it does say it on the box cover, the box cover is not that great with the diagrams for individual models and this differs often from year to year, model to model.

So if anybody has dealt with this or has a "clean" way for me to just disable this little AC fan or whatever it is, electrically or some other great suggestion, I would appreciate that. Thanks!
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