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So if Murrieta BMW is your dealer, they were a little lax in not looking ahead at their scheduled allocation. I know when I initially went to my local dealer in late August and told them what I wanted, they looked at their allocation and said they had nothing coming in like that. Weirdly, instead of telling me to order, they seemed reluctant to do so, and sort of convinced me to choose an X1 that was "sorta" of like what I wanted. That was one they knew would be coming in as of about two weeks ago now. I eventually decided I really wanted what I wanted, and cancelled that deposit to order my X1 from a different dealer. That dealer (Beverly Hills BMW) also looked at all their incoming cars, and maybe incoming cars for all So Cal, and placed the order after confirming nothing like what I wanted was on its way in.

If Murrieta had done that for you and this Deep Sea Blue one was to your liking, you'd be driving it today, I suppose...
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