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Originally Posted by Ace88 View Post
Hi Ard,
Why would BMW AG (and I ask because I simply can't imagine) say "target data" for toe is 0.05 left and 0.07 right? Will the BMW dealer even dare go to 0.03 if I ask? I'll bet they'll say they can't set it outside of BMW's specs.

Certainly is much better than it was though right?
You are definitely much better, that much is certain.

The dealer will surely talk you out of this as they dont want to redo it...

There are, for cars that are tracked, reasons you may want toe. Maintaining turn-in stabitlity is one of them. BUT these issues are generally theoretic as nobody is tracking these X70s.

Now, why have a 'target' and then a +/-??? I am involved with spec develoment all the time- sometimes it is just a convention, sometimes there is a preference for the target. SOmetimes you spec 5.00 plus minus 1; or you spec 4.00 to 6.00 or you spec 4.00 plus 2 minus zero. All the same. Keep in mind that the numbers I listed are ALL "within" BMWs spec.... 0.02 is "0.05 minus 0.03"...and since BMWs spec is 0.05 plus minus 0.05, that means any value from 0,00 up to 0.10 is "in BMW spec".

You can choose to believe that BMW knows best, but when you find the few post from folks that press to get the toe on the minimum end of the range and they are seeing 30k miles on a set of tires, you'll know why.
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