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1999 BMW Z3 Crank but no start !!!

Dear BMW fellows,

I have a 1999 BMW Z3 2.3 with the 2.5L M52 engine. The other day I went dinner with the wife and the car drove fine, but after dinner the car would not start. AAA towed it home and since I have been trying to diagnose/fix it. These are the test I have ran:

* The car cranks but does not start
* Fuses and relays seem to test OK
* Just replaced the fuel pump, fuel pressure as measure in the fuel injectors rail is about 51 PSI, just like the Bentley indicates
* When I spray starting fluid on the air filter box, the car wants to start it even runs rough for a second, so I assume I have spark. The ignition coils get voltage and the resistance on them seems correct according to Bentley.

I do not have any alarm system that I am aware of.

The only thing out of place is that I am getting voltage at the DME main relay but no ground (i.e I do not get continuity from the DME main relay socket 4 and ground). The Bentley manual recommends checking the cable from the relay to the ECM, I will probably take the DME/ECM apart tomorrow.

The previous owners of this vehicle did not take care of it like I would have liked them to. The seller mentioned after I bough the car that the electric on these cars is finicky which made me think that he had had some electric issues with the car.

The DME metallic case seems to be missing a screw/bolt at least on one of the corners for what I can see just by looking at it while on the car.

I am not sure what else to do or try, thanks in advance for your help!
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