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Originally Posted by BMW4grrl View Post
My mechanic spoke with his dealership service contact and here's what he found out. Both the 28i and 35i have the same brake part #'s. However, for the 28i "part" it says for 28i only. So he's just as confused.

He suggested to get on the phone with Tire Rack. They recommend both the 17" and 18" wheels for the 35i. I'll go over all this with them and find out why they are listing the 17" as an option. If they will accept the 17" back if they don't fit and pick up the shipping I think Ill do that.

He said that I should think twice about buying last years wheel packages. The tires are probably 2-3 years old which will lessen their useful life to me. I am not sure how relevant this is to me. My last set of winter tires were driven for 9 seasons and had about 45,000 KM on them. I think they would have just take me through one more winter.
One of the 4 tires I purchased on special from Autohaus was manufactured in 2008 all other 3 were 2011. The 08's is a bit old and hope it won't give me too much trouble. I was told the rubber compound age over time, therefore instead of 9 seasons in your case may become 5. Even if I have to replace one tire, it still was a good deal. By the way, not sure if I can replace just one tire...would it affects the performance...anyone? Guess I can try too drive them really hard and replace the whole set after 4/5 seasons. Unfortunately I have to take them back to rebalance twice. The second time the dealer said the road force was too high?? In general I feel the winter tires are harder and bumpier to ride on in comparison with the all season, they are both RFT.
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