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Originally Posted by robertobaggio20 View Post
Here you go, at $100.

If it doesn't work, you can always resell it. ECUs are always in demand dude.

ANd here's an EWS delete chip :

It pays to take time searching through Ebay. Sometimes you might need to ask the sellers some questions and wait for a reply to confirm things.

Steve, do you think his ECU is screwed ? If so, then my recommendation to you is to purchase the cheapest working 318is ecu that you can find, and if it has the EWS function (and there are many that don't, from the listing years in the auction), then purchase a delete chip and plonk that in. The delete chips will also have performance upgrades, and you'll get a nippier car ! Always turn a repair into an upgrade wherever possible, not just in cars, but in life.
A few thoughts.

First of all, the DME listed in the Ebay link you provided clearly states it is for the E30 chassis only. ttalylo036 has an E36, not an E30. While the engines are both M42, I do believe there are differences. Specifically, the E30 M42 was a single cam design and the E36 M42 was a dual cam design with a DISA valve. So, the DME you listed would not work.

Regarding the link to the EWS delete chip, note a couple of things. Firstly, the seller indicates that the DME will work for 318s manufactured from 1992 up to 1995/6. If ttalylo036ís car was manufactured after June 1995, then the chip will not work. My assumption is that the EWS system was installed in the 318 with a manufacture date of 7/95 and after. Also note that in the description, it indicates ďno EWS functionĒ, not ďEWS deleteĒ. Those two statements are not the same. My thinking is that the chip will work for pre-EWS cars, but not cars equipped with EWS. I do not believe that this chip would work for ttaylo036. I would like to know the date of manufacture on ttaylo036ís car (could you oblige us sir? Itís located on the sill plate when you open the driverís door).

ttaylo036 indicated that a delete chip for the 318 is not available. For some reason, I seem to recall that he called Turner Motorsports on that and, if anyone would know, they would. Again, the key phrase is "EWS delete".

I am not still convinced that the problem lies with ttaylo036ís DME. As you may recall, in my case, I was able to ultimately determine through the process of elimination that the DME was the problem. However also recall that my symptom was only a no-start. The engine would crank over all day so that essentially ruled out my EWS system. ttaylo036ís situation was a no-start and no-crank situation. And, given that his car would crank over after he cut the wires, that tends to make me think his problem was more than likely somewhere in the EWS system itself.
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It's Deja Poo - as in, I've heard this **** before.

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