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Originally Posted by bimmerfan52 View Post
The sealing sleeve is just above the filler hole on the end of the transmission body. You do not need to remove the mechatronic unit. If the pan was done 12K ago I would put it back on and save the new pan for 60-70K from now.

Don't worry about high-tensile bolts as the bolt is only torqued to 8nM (about 6ft-lbs). Make sure you have the right thread length and exact thread size (including pitch).

Symptoms of leaking sleeve are leaking transmission fluid from the sleeve. You may not be experiencing this now, but if it has never been changed the rubber gaskets will give out and it will leak eventually.

Sealing sleeve is shown in drawing on pg 51 of pdf (along with other good info).
Thanks BimmerFan52. But unfortunately, on the 6HP19 there is no space available to remove the sealing sleeve without removing the mechatronics. I am not sure which trans you have, but if you have 6HP!9, you will need to remove the mechatronics/valve body unit in order to change the sealing sleeve.

I guess, taking your earlier advise I will keep my old 12k trans oil sump for another 30-40K's before replacing it and only change the oil. Also, wit the pan on, only 4 litres of oil drained, when I took the pan off, another 1.5 litres of oil drained. So a total of 5.5L with taking the pan off, otherwise only 4L would have come out. Now the pan is hanging on the car while I get new bolts tomorrow, do you think I should still do a 2 drain process suggested earlier or just one?

I don't think I want to remove the mechatronics unit yet on my car, and I do have a new sealing sleeve, if anyone wants to buy that within Australia .
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