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Originally Posted by Pat7762 View Post
Hello all, I have a shutter in 1st and 2nd gear around 2000 RPM coming from the rear. I was thinking tire chop until I had the tires replaced. I now have 126k miles on the 05 x3 3.0 and I'm starting to think its the TC I replaced all my fluids at about 107000 because I was taking a trip to CA from FL. I have tryed the reset as well with no change. So my question is what part is more then likely causing the shutter in the transfer cause (assuming its the TC)? I don't have any popping when slowing down or taking off or anything, so I don't think a stretch chain. I was kind of thinking a bearing because it happens only if I put a medium to heavy load on it when taking off? Does that sound about right? Or could it be the clutches in side? I'm asking because I found a company that sells some components for the TC and I'm thinking about taking it apart but I wanted to have the parts available so I have a short down time. Also the TC was replace with a new one under warranty from the last owner at about 66k miles because it had a "leak" which I discovered before buying. so this one has about 60k on it with new fluid at about 40k. I don't have any lights on. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks.
Hi Evan
I hope you have solved your shudder problems on your X3. I recently bought a X3 2.0d 2007 model and replaced the worn tyres. Immediately I experienced a tremendous shudder when changing gears from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd at low revs. When revs and speed is increased or when cruising speed is reached no problems are experienced. There was also a humming sound.....much like a worn wheel bearing which is audible most of the time while driving but seems to increase in intensity when slowing down to a halt. I had put on non star rated tyres (non BMW approved) out of ignorance. After a trip to a local BMW garage I was told to replace the tyres for a type and make approved by BMW. Due to the cost of this I approached a neighbour of mine who had a similar BMW and had her tyres put onto my vehicle and went for a drive. To my utter further shudder or wheel humming was present. All problems ceased. I have since put on approved tyres to the size specified for my X3 and now love my vehicle. I was seriously thinking of selling until the problem was identified. Now will not part with it until I have had full satisfaction from this vehicle.
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