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I'm no longer a Gran Turismo owner

I loved the car for all the reasons most GT owner do. It was my first BMW and was buying instead of leasing because it was the car I planned on keeping longer than 24 or 36 months. During my research before buying I missed one issue. And the issue led to last Friday being, my last day of ownership.

Reason? Started with cracked wheels, continued with BMW's response to the issue and ended after a comment by the sales manager (which I'm sure he meant as encouragement to keep the car but had the opposite effect after dealing with BMW on the issue).

I thought about it for a while, decided when you spend a lot of money to buy a luxury car, you do so to enjoy it, not worry about its safety. And you hope the company wishes the same for owners of its vehicles. Decided I want to focus on other things than this situation, so I decided to take the loss and move on to another Luxury car brand, and did so on 10/12/2012.

To all BMW owners, especially GT owners, I want you to know I still think its a great car. Thats why we bought them. Enjoy yours, but if you have 19" alloy wheels, have them checked regularly for cracks, otherwise you won't know till a problem arises while you're driving with a crack wheel.

Good Luck

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