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I looked at both adverts. They both refer to 318/318is as well. The is models were the ones with the 16 valve M42 engines. I believe they should work.

And if they are ecus for cars without the EWS system (rather than an EWS delete), then they will work with a car's EWS system deleted, which is something that Jim is now familiar with. An EWS delete chip specifically functions on a car with an EWS system, but without requiring you to do any wiring to delete that system. The chip itself is installed on the existing functioning ECU after its existing chip is pried out. That was a good point that you mentioned sir.

In any case Jim, you need to look at your ecu's part number and ask specific questions to the sellers of those ecus to confirm that things will work before making a purchase. Even if the listed auctions are not the right ones for you, the sellers may have the correct ECU elsewhere and could still sell it to you.

The part number can be found on your ecu and also on you'll just need to plonk in your vin number (the last 7 digits).

The car got progressively harder to crank over time - could this be a battery failure situation? How old is your battery ?

It is possible that more than one culprit is at play over here. Jim, you need to start ruling things out. Ensure that the battery's fully charged. First, make sure that the fueling system is working fine all the way from the pump, to the fuel relay and the fp's fuse. Check if you're getting continuity at the fuel pump, current at the fuel pump's connector, and a very slight pressuring noise from the engine (with the hood up) when you key2 the car. Then you need to check if your CPS ohms out fine, or you need to install a new one (that's needed anyway). If these things are ok, then its your ews system or your ecu or both. If its your EWS system, delete the EWS and get a new EWS delete ecu or a non-EWS ecu and things will work. If its your ECU, get a non-EWS ecu, delete your EWS, and then it should work.

Perhaps it would help us understand this better if you told us exactly what happened and exactly how it happened from the very beginning, taking care to leave nothing out. I realise that you've been unclear from the beginning and we've been making assumptions to fill in the gaps, which is always unwise.

Your car looks neat but the rims are way large and I don't know how much they slow the car down considering that its just a measly 1.8 litre engine.

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