Thread: Z3 Roadster (E36/7) Water where it ain't supposed to be
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Water where it ain't spozed to be, part deux

Originally Posted by Blacklane View Post
Are you sure the sealing frame is not cracked? Usually by the time you replace the top, the sealing frame is old and brittle. It should be replaced with the top, but adds substantial cost.
Now that my 2001 Z3 is back at the top installers for the 3rd time because of the leak into the trunk area, my garage people purchased a new sealing frame, and will observe the top being installed with the new piece (which runs about $150).

There was also the thought that the sealing tape runs across a joint, which may have been implicated in the leak. (Funny, because it never leaked during the two months I owned the car before the top needed replacement.)

The mechanics I'm working with pointed out that a few of the tools in the tool case showed signs of rust (especially the jack), which may indicate previous water problems.
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