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Originally Posted by hornhospital View Post
On our M20 engines, with the lobe pointing up, the valve is OPEN, not closed. You want the lobes of both valves on the cylinder where you're adjusting the valves to point DOWN toward the head. Turn the crank until both cam lobes on cylinder #1 are pointed toward the head. Adjust those two valves (0.012" cold or 0.010" at operating temp), turn the crank 1/3rd of a turn (normal running rotation) and the valves on #5 will be ready for adjustment. Set those valves, turn another 1/3rd and #3 will be in position for adjustment. Repeat and #6 comes up, then #2 and finally #4. It takes two revolutions of the crank to set the valves.

And remember, you set the valve lash on the adjuster end, not the cam contact end.
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