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I agree, a batch that "weren't manufactured correctly". BMW should have said something like "oops, our bad. bad batch, We'll take care of this, fix it and it won't be a problem in the future." Result would be happy customers singing the praises of the company. I mean think about it. (disclaimer, I'm not an expert on this) If nothing is wrong with the wheel and I hit something hard enough to crack it. Something is going to be damaged on the tire that would be a safety concern. Yet they put the same tire back on and let me drive away on it. As far as the "advanced test" they performed where they "measured the run out on the wheel" that showed impact damage., if you drive a 2 ton car long enough on a wheel that has a crack in it, because you have no idea its cracked, (disclaimer, I'm not an expert on this ) there is a good chance the wheel is not going to remain perfectly round.

whisper: test drove the Audi A6 and the Lexus GS after I turned in the BMW. Loved the Audi, but the Lexus dealer gave me a deal on the GS that would help me recoup some of the money lost getting out of the BMW over the span of the lease. I couldn't turn it down. The Audi will have to wait another 27 months lol.
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