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My newly cleared work space:

Car in the barn.... I'm thinking there might be a problem here....

Yep.... Not really any room in front of the car to work that's still covered.

Here we go, ass end is outside, but who cares

Taking apart the front end:

Not sure if 19.5 years worth of leaves, insects, and dirt, or just a squirrel nest

More of the front end gone:

Not sure why BMW decided to weld this thing on, but what ever, nothing a metal boring bit cant fix.

And there she is with no face:

This was on the bottom of the MAF, what are the odds it could be causing low RPM hesitation?.

Intake manifold off:

I like color coding and pictures for labeling:

Building a frame to hoist the engine out:

More building:

And there we go:

Sorry for the pic quality, all I have is my phone, and lighting isn't great .
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How do you outcrazy a dude that lifts his engines without a hoist?

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