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Originally Posted by Larrick View Post
I dropped the 1994 525it at the shop this morning. I had my wife follow me and watch the exhaust for white vapor.
The cat started and ran fine without overheating. Only 3 miles.
My wife did say that she saw more white vapor form the BMW than from other cars.
I left the car with a written history of what happened and what I had done and experienced the past few days.
I got a call a few hours later. There was no circulation of coolant. So the water pump was not working.
I am going to change the water pump, fan clutch (it is a little weak), thermostat, hoses and belts.
My great concern is doing all this work with a bad head gasket.
The shop said that there was NO exhaust contamination in the coolant and pretty much assured me that the head gasket was fine.
They said that the M50 will show this amount of vapor.
Does any one have any comments?
The M50 is not supposed to show ANY vapour at all except on a wet wet day, and even then, would show about the same amount of vapour as ANY OTHER CAR. They are full of ****. Throw that question back to them. They are such idiots. Lazy buggers do not wish to do a compression test. Insist on them doing a compression test at their expense. Ask them what are they charging you for ? Be firm.
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