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Originally Posted by Byork7 View Post
Well the black connector was plugged in, i just unplugged it from the switch when taking everything apart. The white connector was the one that was just hanging freely. But yea i do think it could be a busted neutral switch regardless. As for my kid, shes doing a lot better now. Not sure if anyone has heard on the news about the chemical plant that produced medicine having a contamination in their products which led to an outbreak of meningitis. Well thats what my daughter has, spinal meningitis, which luckily was caught very early so shell be A ok.

PS- who is this joachim? A member here?
She's a champ she has cheated a fate worse than death ! Please congratulate her for her brilliance and buy her whatever she likes to designate this triumph.

And Jaochim is a mech from another thread lol I got mixed up.

What is a neutral switch ? Is that the transmission range switch ?
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