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Originally Posted by jwrape View Post
I have a 96 Z3 with a transplanted 98' M3 S52 in it.

Ever since I have owned it, it has always taken 3 times to crank. Basically, turn the key and spin the engine, turn it off, turn on and spin, turn off and then turn it on again and it starts and runs perfectly.

Just recently it has been taking doing the on/off on/off on/off switching for as many as 20+ times before it starts and once again runs perfectly. It almost seems like it may never run and then when you've almost given up it starts.

I have replaced the fuel pump (had a bad Gauge sending unit anyways)
Replaced the fuel filter
Replaced the Crank Position Sensor

I have then tried to reset the computer. I unplugged the negative on the batteyr and turned on the flashers to drain it.
After this it started on the first try for 3 times and then it went back to not wanting to start.

It seems to be getting worse to where it almost won't start.

Could this be the DME or a bad ECU?
1. NEVER drain your battery.
2. Codes can be deleted via the stomp test or by unplugging the ecu for a few minutes.
3. If you noticed, you made progress of some importance. You managed to get your car to behave normally for 3 startups. This is highly relevant.
4. Redelete your codes, then see if you can start the car normally. Keep doing it until it goes back to behaving badly. Then, CHECK your codes. You might just have a new error code in there now. It may be the clue to what's gonig wrong with your car.

5. Please start a new thread and don't threadjack. You will also get more responses from the general members.....this thread is for EWS system related issues and those uninterested in this will not even bother to click on it, and you might lose the attention of someone with the right approach to solving your problem.

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