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Originally Posted by MySatinDoll View Post

Rob Levinson from UUC Motorwerks says that "it is really doing every E34 owner a disservice for three reasons:
First, conclusive tests from independent labs show that K&N filters, no matter how well-oiled and cleaned, let through huge amounts of large particulate that damages engines. Oil analysis shows 5x as much silicate contamination. Additionally, the oil from these filters tends to muck up the MAF and cause an engine-damaging lean-run condition.
Second, an open element filter like that sucks in hot underhood air and subjects the filter to "fan wash", the swirl that creates a vacuum effect. On the E36 M3, we measure a 15hp loss from open cone filters.
Third, the E34 airbox is designed with an integral velocity-stack style venturi at the opening. Running one of these engines on a dyno, you can cause a 5hp drop just from putting your finger on the stack lip. Removing that airbox undoes a lot of good BMW engineering. Yes, these filters make a "really cool" noise... but noise does not equal power. Stick with a stock paper element in the factory airbox, you're not getting any more power with a K&N garbage-filter, just damaging your motor."
The information is really old. Proper CAI setup will have a plate blocking off engine heat. While in high temperature weather in 540I setup stock will be better. In 'normal' or cold weather conditions a CAI setup will be superior on M60B40.

Regarding particle, it's all bull**** and neither of the party above did testing. Properly lubricated K&N filter does not saturate oil nor does it damage the engine. I ran K&N setup for few years and my engine is 100% leak down wise and has clean top and bottom end.

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