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Originally Posted by mgthompson View Post
The chip and sign works OK. I haven't tried the chip and PIN yet.
Originally Posted by JSpira View Post
Are you sure it's both? It was my understanding that, in terms of standards, it could be one or the other.
I am 99% sure the US Bank card is only chip & signature, see below...

Originally Posted by 1STBimmer View Post
I got the State Dept. FCU Visa Chip + Pin card (and in fact received a PIN# in the mail for it and a book explaning how chip+pin works) to use in my recent ED trip. I was all eager and ready to test the Chip+Pin function however, every time that I used the card where the chip was read (not swiped) it automatically printed the receipt for me to sign.

I'm not sure if the operator has the ability to select pin or paper, because at a gas station the person paying with CC before me had to enter pin, when I paid it print out a receipt... When I used it at a peage booth it didn't ask for PIN (or Sig, for that matter).

Unfortunately wasn't able to try it out in an automated station.
Same thing happened with my Andrews FCU card, any transaction that was handled by a person would go chip & signature. The only transaction that required chip & PIN was at an un-manned gas station. I tried using my US Bank Global card at the same gas station and it failed, only the true chip & PIN card would work.

It's all very confusing, but the bottom line is that a chip & signature card is well worth getting, and there are now plenty of them from US banks.
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