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If we were talking hondas or even lsx monster swaps I'd agree with your point.

There are a few well respected tuners and contibutors to the community if not the e34 model.
Rob Levinson is a respected guy and one of the reasons we have products like DSSR, EVO3, etc.
So to say "This information is really old or "it's all bull**** and neither of the party above did testing"
Is kind of like pissing in the wind.
For these cars are... really old cars. That technology hasn't changed in 17 years. Just been improved for fuel efficency.
UUC designs products for our cars.
I am sure if they felt the need to produce a CAI for our NA cars they would have long ago... But they didn't feel it was necessary.

There are countless threads on various forums on this subject on the internet.
Start this debate over in Bimmerforums and see how far you get before a flame war commence.

There are no real gains using a CAI on a e34 which has not been modified to some extent or isn't utilizing it for FI applications.
That's not heresay. It's proven.

Insult to injury, due to this, there are owners who remove the High beam just to gain more air into the velocity stack on the box get the engine breathing better.
A CAI doesn't have nor act like a velocity stack. It pulls air from multiple sources some cold some hot... mostly hot.

So how can you honestly compare it.
A chamber with a velocity stack which sources air directly from the outside
to a open pipe with a cone filter on it drawing hot, warm and some cold air from inside the engine bay.

Which one do you think will be more beneficial to the engine?

The OEM Box is more than efficient to handle the breathing capability of a NA e34.

Now if you want better flowing. Go with a Maf, chiptuning or standalone ecu like Megaquirt which use a IAT sensor.( allows you to remove the AFM for m30 and M20 cars) ,
DTA, VEMS and such. That the proper way to see the gains you think the a CAI gives you.

The only real gain using a CAI on our cars is in exhaust note and engine bay bling.

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