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Originally Posted by bimmerfan52 View Post
Not necessarily. Depends how long you let it drain.

You mentioned that the pan was dropped before (pan screws were stripped by a mechanic) but do you know that new fluid was used? Standard practice at many dealerships is to save fluid drained out prior to gasket or sleeve replacement and then put the old fluid back into the sump.

One drain will give you about 55% new fluid. Two drains about 90%. Yes you are trying to correct the solenoid issue but IMHO saving the transmission from future repairs is more important.

While the solenoid issue is annoying I wouldn't call it a serious problem that either inhibits the operation of the car or causes a serious safety issue.
BimmerFan52, you are a champion and I would like to say thank you once again for helping me diagnose my transmission problem. Yes, the solenoid warning has gone after three cold starts now. CTSC were definitely helpful in the beginning, but your final suggestion to do a drain did the trick. So here is what I did. I took the pan off to replace the sealing sleeve, but unfortunately I could find the location to replace the sleeve without removing mechatronics unit, so I left that part. The oil was draining for the entire weekend (total of 5.5L came out and oil was dirty but not that bad) as I was to get the new bolts on monday. Monday afternoon, I used the old pan as it was near new after 12,000K's (also suggested to re-use by you) and filled up nearly 6.6/6.7L until the temprature went to about 31-32C, and then torques the filling bolts to 25ft-lb. Monday afternoon, tuessday morning and this morning, NO solenoid warning message.

The only negative part in all this is, I checked for leakage on tuessday and I suspect there might be a very very slight leakage at the bottom of filler plug, which I will monitor over the next couple of weeks. Also, I thought I didn't tighten the bolts on the pan enough, so I tried to tighten my new alternative bolt and just like the BMW bolt the teeths (sides) on my hex bolts started wearing off. So I stopped and just let it be for now. My learning from this, do not touch the bolts on the pan when it is still warm.

Overall, solenoid 4E87 warning is gone by draining and using ZF oil and filling it to the right temperature and quantity. And just in case this pan leaks in next two-three weeks, I will just replace it and do another oil drain then otherwise, leave it alone for another 30-40K's and then change the pan+oil.

You have been of GREAT help BimmerFan52.
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