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I'm Gene and yes I'm Papa to the grand kids who love to go beaming with the top down. I used this bent screw driver to remove the top, it dropped right back in with only a good push. Once I saw the scheme it was easy. As far as the screw alignment, start at the middle and work your way around. I had to tap the hoop into place with a piece of wood and a light hammer, other than that it was easy. As you tap that hoop in place the locations of the holes change as the circumference changes. I called BMW about the hydraulic lines, and yes your response is correct. The positive is marked on the hydraulic reservoir, it's reversed from the original installation. I connected everything, plugged the power in to made sure it went up with the up button. It would not go down since the switch against the rear panel of the drivers compartment was not made so I pulled the hydraulic release and everything was OK. My concern was a difference in the piston output between the two ports. Nothing would surprise me with the designers of this car. I connected then per BMW's tech bulletin and it's doing just fine. I used a little clear silicone as a sealant for that rubber seal at the base of the top, so far no leaks but God bless whoever has to do the next one. If this need replacing again, then I messed us the sealing on the motor shroud, no way this is going to leak. Once I finished the assembly I was then able to see into the area where the motor resided, no water now so I just need to keep an eye on it.

On to bigger and better things. Good luck!!

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