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Originally Posted by Kilgore Trout View Post
He was offering an insight of value. The fact that others here don't agree with Sunny doesn't make his opinion any less valuable.

And, in this case, he has a good point. There is ZERO evidence that BMW's suggested 15,000 mile oil change schedule interferes with engine durability. In fact, there is good evidence to the contrary. In most areas of the country, 3-series are leased more often than purchased. Leased vehicles typically don't get more than the standard factory schedule. Accordingly, the 3-series fleet in America is largely on the 15,000 mile schedule. yet, according to Consumer Reports, the 3-series has had excellent engine reliability.

I'll continue to change my oil every 7,500 miles - its good insurance. But, I concede Sunny's point.
The 3 series for which the 15K interval is recommended does not yet have enough fleet mileage to say for certain what the situation will be at 150K miles. The average mileage of the early cars is probably in the 65K range.
And then you say you change your oil "every 7,500 miles", why, you like crawling around under engines?
(PS Always a fun thread when we get talking about oil change intervals, eh?)
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