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Originally Posted by 1995i540 View Post
I have talked to Rob Levinson and he is a very smart dude but a quote in e-mail does not really mean anything.

The airbox in 540I is velocity stack you are right but if you talk about performance I have gotten better HP (small gain 3-5hp but better) on CAI with block off plate (K&N based).

The only thing that was better about stock unit is it was more consistant while CAI suffered from some heat soak but this was on a 95+ day in NYC.

And like i mentioned before my oil and engine are 100% after running K&N so that claim of 'particles' is just that a claim. Think about it.. those particles stay on the filter 99.99% of the time and when they do fly they are so small that with current oil nothing will ever be damaged.
That's the point.
It's about consistant, reliable horsepower.

FI applications use them for they have a intercooler within the intake plumbing to bring the temps down.
If your running it stock with nothing to cool that air mass.
The result can be a drop in HP or something worse over time.

Yes you can make a barrier to help cool the environment in which the CAI pulls air from.
However your still pulling in a heated air mass.
You know this from your statement about heat soak.
All CAIs are prone to heat soak. For they don't pull direct cool air.
They pull in mostly hot air.
Thus coining the name "hot air intake"

The stock box pulls in fresh cooler air through the velocity stack more direct with minimal hot air exposure.
The Cooler mass of air enters the intake manifold + greater charge = more power.
So even academically that doesn't make sense on a NA e34.

Your theory would work but you would have to route the end of the intake to the outside of the car.
The best place would be behind the bumper.
However you'll have another issue.
For your going to pick up all types of crap kicked up from the road.
Something you really don't want.

If you still have the stock box.
Take your car to a dyno. Do one run with the box.
The next with the CAI.
Don't sandbag go all out.
I can bet your gains would be greater with the box.

Lastly you and i don't want to leave the impression that any old CAI will work.
Not everything at pepboys is made for our cars.
To allude to it could cause someone catastrophic failure and a bunch of money.

So to sum this all up.

Unless your e34 is turbo or supercharged.
Running a CAI is not beneficial to gains which can be gotten elsewhere.
As well they can possibly damage your car pulling in heated air for All CAIs are prone to heat soak.
The stock box is more than efficient for reliable and consistant power.
You may not get that cool exhaust note.
But that extra 25-100+ dollars can be used to by that chip you've been wanting.

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