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OK, I dropped off my 335d at the dealer this morning so they could resolve the P203A Code and the low DEF.

They gave me a Hertz rental for the day. A Ford Taurus. Definitely not a bimmer!

Called me back this afternoon to say vehicle was ready. All it needed was two bottles of DEF. I warned that they should have a good explanation for the low DEF and the code and that I would verify the code was cleared with my Garmin.

So, I get to the dealer and meet with my SA. He repeats that all it needed was two bottles of DEF and that all codes were cleared. When i questioned him about how the DEF was low, he said the shop manager, after seeing which mechanic had serviced it last back some 6k miles ago, must not have topped off the DEF and did not reset the P203A code, which is why i was seeing it ever since.

OK, so I think this may pass the plausibility test after all. Failed to reset code at service, and this P203A is a hidden code for the driver. Mechanic fails to top off DEF, so I got the low level before it should have been due.

Get the feeling these guys are still trying to figure out our cars?

Gremlins, or not??? Getting close to holloween!

I'm feeling the extended warranty/service plan will be a must. This must be costing BMW a fortune to service/warrant these cars and provide loaners too.

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