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Originally Posted by sunny5280 View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it you who was recommending Mike Millers suggestion to replace parts before they fail so as not to have them fail at inopportune times?
Yes, I did recommend Mike's schedule and often do. In context it was the right thing to suggest. I don't recommend it every time, and sometimes would strongly argue against parts of it. Back to the radiator example for instance. I have never recommended a customer change their non-leaking, non clogged radiator just because of mileage. But if that same customer told me they were driving to their new home in San Diego (from NH) with their elderly mom in the car, and their car had 120k on the clock and cost were no object (it isn't for many of my customers) I would suggest a new radiator, among other things.

Originally Posted by Michael Schott View Post
While I have no issue with the 15,000 mile oil change interval, the E90 has been around since 2006 means late 2005 on the road which is 7 years so certainly there are cars with 150,000 miles and I'd guess the average mileage for a one owner car is closer to 80,000 miles.
I was using a 5 year ownership span with the EPA reported national average 13,000 miles a year. Even going with your 80K, that's less than half the lifespan of the vast majority of engines. I don't think it's enough to say that 15k intervals will work in all parts of the country. If sunny is correct about 15K intervals on the E46 then that would be additional evidence in your favor.
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