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I don't think I have 2 right or left side strut mounts. The pics may be deceiving because I have them both turned to one side so they only appear to be identical and to only fit one side. I bought them new and each has a tab on one side that is opposite one another. That tab fits to the sway link which attaches to the sway bar. I believe the M3 sway bar attaches to the strut housing. Don't other 3 series have a shorter sway link that attaches to the control arm (wish bone)? Perhaps at least the 318?

So I looked to see if there were any part numbers on the strut tower mounts. The only numbers that appear are the following and they are identical on both towers.

131 933
2227 346

I have an old pirated BMW dealership software (ETK) and it shows a good assembly drawing for my VIN... see pics. But it didn't call out the part number for that tower mount (#1 in the picture).

I have a hunch that I have a different 3 series mount and didn't realize it. The only reason I say that is because when I bought the car it had the wrong suspension installed... perhaps a lower end 3 series or 318? I know this because the sway links were tied to the control arms and not the strut housing. The front end would literally bounce like it had gangster hydros when I would hit a bump. I don't think that suspension could support the weight of the heavier M3 motor?? When I bought the correct M3 suspension I had a shop put together the front struts. I bet they used the old strut towers which I assumed would work but not if the M3's are different. This sort of makes sense now that I'm piecing it all together.

Not sure where to go from here?
Does anyone have the correct BMW part number(s) for the M3 tower mounts?
Any suggestions on where to get them cheap?

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