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Another cracked head, this one temporarily fixed with magic in a can:

Originally Posted by Jinx the kid View Post
I own a 1997 528i that was given by my dad. my stepmom owned it and basically destroyed it she had some random guy change the fan clutch that was defective by the way and he crack my fan shroud. Anywho fast forward I replaced the clutch fan shroud and it was still overheating I flushed the system out and that sloved the problem but I had cracked a head seeing as tho i didnt put the drain plug back on correctly I end up putting blue devil in it and I was good to go. I drove it for about three weeks and every now and then the temp would move up then go to normal when i speed up eventually it got to the point where i couldnt drive it at all with out it jumping into the hot zone. The problem now is that the coolant is leaking from the reservoir cap. my uncle said it was the water pump and so I got a new water pump put it on which was a bish by the way filled it up and drove it around the block it did good for a while them you guessed it HOT HOT HOT. i parked it and antifreeze came pouring out it seems i didnt tighten the radiator hose tight enough, but even after that I fill it up again and bleed it let it sit nothing I drove off and immediately it started climbing again like WTF. i bled it and everything yet it overheats the thermostat is open its got coolant its ok when its idle but as soon as I start driving it overheats and yet again the coolant leaks from the reservoir cap PLEASE PLEASE any suggestions on what can it be. im going crazy tryna figure this damn car out.
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