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Sweet got into the car! I think I'm better off not saying exactly how i did it on a public forum like this, but ill just say that it is possible to reverse trip the central locking.

Right so next issue

As i may have mentioned above, the cooling system i found to be faulty, with both the thermostat failing to open at temperature, combined with a semi-wobbly water pump. I have replaced both of these today with genuine BMW replacements, and the car is running well now that it is actually drivable! While bleeding the cooling system however, air and steam continuously comes from the bleeder screw when i have it open to bleed. It is running a genuine radiator, but looks to be in newer-than-189xxxKMs-and-16-years-old. Which is odd because this car is a neglected car that i would put money on would never have seen service at a BMW dealership after arriving here in NZ second hand from Japan. In saying that, it also had a genuine thermostat, which again, would not have lasted anywhere near this long

Ive had about 10 E30s and 6 E34s at last count, but this is my first E36 and first M43. While most of it is cross compatable to my other experience, especially the E34s, ive never come across this issue before, on the E34s you crack the screw open, wait for air to come out and away you go.. Any ideas for this gents? something silly im missing?

thanks team! I would post photos of the car, but it has an M3 badge on the back and ricer as taillights, you dont want to see that lol.

E30 above Sold

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