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Originally Posted by 328i2013 View Post
After 13 weeks of waiting for my 328i.
And after having driven it for a week.
It hurts me to say that the 328i feels like an undwhelming boat.
I'm not terribly disappointed because its a beautiful luxury car.
But I don't think it's the ultimate driving machine.
Maybe the 335i is, but I've not driven it so I can't say for sure.
Already planning to get a Z4 or the new Boxster for thrillfull driving.
Hate me for saying all this.
But I simply had to say it.
And I gave it a week.
Maybe I'll feel differently in a month.
But maybe that will be cuz I might have got used to this 328i by then.
I mean this sincerely because you're a nice kid and a lot of us have tried to help you all summer: You clearly bought the wrong car.

- You came off a Mini Cooper S which is a go-kart compared to the F30.

- You bought a stripper with practically no options.

- You didn't do any research on features.

- Saving money is more important to you than performance.

From Auto Start/Stop to folding rear seats to comfort access to Bluetooth to iPod USB there's not an available feature on the car that you understood or comprehended wasn't on your build. I myself must have answered two dozen of your questions and they always went something like "sorry, you don't have Enhanced USB so you can't..."

The F30 is designed to be a sporty $50,000 luxury car. While you can buy it for $38,000 it's not intended to be very enjoyable that way as its "missing" features you can get standard on an Acura TL for a song.

So I'd argue that if you expected the Ultimate Driving Machine after coming off a tiny Mini Cooper and skipped the Sport line, that's a mistake on your part alone. You bought a car that's 30% larger and you're surprised? No different than skipping the Technology package and then writing your letter to BMW about "missing" USB and Bluetooth features.

You bought the wrong car, period. It's not an under-featured boat if you pay more and option it correctly. Talk to your dealer, trade it in for the Clubman you should have bought instead.