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Originally Posted by 328i2013 View Post
So, you guys are basically agreeing and saying that "out of the box" BMW's flagship car is not the "Ultimate Driving Machine". It needs mods and bigger wheels and packages and such. Sad.
Welcome to 2005.

Since the E46 was put to pasture, "out of the box" means a $349 a month stripper for mass consumption of an underfeatured car that's less tight and sporty than the $599 a month fully-featured version. This has evolved even moreso for the F30.

It's pay-as-you-go driving, and frankly I for one prefer it that way. The E90 ride was harsh and I'm thrilled I have a softer version now. It's more comfortable for myself and my family.

Those who make the jump from the Mini Cooper to the 328i do it for one reason and it comes with one consequence- they are married, expecting kids in the next 36 months, they get a bigger, more comfortable car and sacrifice go-kart handling.

I don't want to overstep my bounds, but in reading you over the past 4 months you sound like someone who pinched pennies to get a German luxury car he could not afford and then is running around complaining about the very features he deliberately left off. Just last week, you posted a thread on two forums entitled "Where is the digital speedometer on this car?" as if passing on the Technology package meant you still should have that feature.

My advice to you: Get out now. You only have a week's mileage on the car, the MT is in high demand from an enthusiast perspective, and you live in snow-central without XDrive which is going to make your life even more miserable if you don't buy really expensive snow tires. The mods you're talking about to tighten the car up will cost several thousand dollars and you'll never be able to solve the USB and Bluetooth and head-up issues for the life of the car.

Next time, do the research. Don't just read "The Ultimate Driving Machine" tagline on TV and expect that a car with no options is going to be anything but pedestrian.