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Originally Posted by jertronic View Post
I also owned a 1999 328i. And yes the oil change interval was 15K, but more importantly I couldn't resist raving about that car. That vehicle was the superior of the three 3 series I have owned. The lack of X-drive is my thesis as to the explanation.
The current 3-series offers a RWD option.

Originally Posted by jertronic View Post
On the thread topic.... The predominance of turbo engines will likely tweak the Mike Miller plan. I follow portions of Mike's plan. Some maintenance items are no brainers. Common sense dictates that changing the coolant prior to factory recommendations will prolong the life and dependability of the cooling system. Can somebody describe how following BMW's plan is favorable over Mike's plan in this component?
Increased maintenance cost being the primary disadvantage of Mike's plan over BMW's. There's also the possibility you replace a perfectly functional part with a broken one or the work is done incorrectly / haphazardly.

As I have said there is no evidence to suggest following BMW's maintenance schedule results in increased wear or failure of the vehicle. If there is I'd sure like to see it.

Originally Posted by jertronic View Post
My car has enjoyed single ownership and I intend to hold on for some time, 4 more years.
I will be following Mike's plan more than not. If one supports the lifetime fluid policy then they obviously do not have ownership of length in mind.
I want to be clear I am not against Mike's maintenance schedule. If someone chooses to follow it I have no objection. In fact I perform maintenance more frequently than BMW recommends. However I fully realize I am doing so more because it makes me feel good (placebo effect) rather than there being a significant technical benefit to doing so. I mean doesn't your vehicle just run better with freshly changed oil?
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