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I'm back from the AC guy. Here's what happened, of course. Like I mentioned above, I had pulled the #27 so that the AC would stop coming on intermittently and so that the lights would stop blinking while I got it resolved.

When I took it to the AC place, I showed the guy, the #27 fuse and put a new fuse in there so then he could see the problem.

After I put a new fuse in there, we went in the car so I could show him how it was blinking and coming on randomly and, voila! It was working just fine again. No blinking or coming on randomly.

I still think that the main problem is corrosion on the connectors that go to the AC module and expect to deal with this issue again but I am knocking on wood and hoping it was just that fuse but that doesn't quite make sense to me, electrically. What I did learn is on this model, it is easier to get to that AC module (the "IHKR brain") than I thought. You don't have to pull the center panel or any instrument panels. You just have to pull the radio (relatively easy) and then you remove the glove box (also relatively easy) and pull the side panel and carpeting next to the AC and heating instrument cluster. This is the panel to the left of the glovebox, to the left of where the passenger's legs would be and after pulling that panel, you can access the AC module, without pulling the console or disturbing the other wires. It's not attached to a "sword" like in some later models. I only found this out after sifting through the Bentley's manual I have on .pdf (waiting on hard copy) where it explains how to get to that AC module. Then, in preparation for possibly getting a new one, I learned that they go new on places like auto warehouse place for about $550, which was just not gonna happen. But I located a used AC module for this model on Bavarian Auto Recycling for about $50 and on eBay for about $100, if it does turn out I eventually need a new one, I'll be doing this myself. But first, I'll just pull that panel and clean off the connectors to the module to see if that works first. (if this comes up again) The manufacturer's part number for the AC module for this car (sometimes referred to in these forums as the "IHKR brain") is 6411-8-390 134 4

So I just thought I'd post this if anybody else runs into this issue, so it's up here.

Gremlins are another suspect.
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