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Originally Posted by MySatinDoll View Post
Unless your e34 is turbo or supercharged.
Running a CAI is not beneficial to gains which can be gotten elsewhere.
As well they can possibly damage your car pulling in heated air for All CAIs are prone to heat soak.
The stock box is more than efficient for reliable and consistant power.
You may not get that cool exhaust note.
But that extra 25-100+ dollars can be used to by that chip you've been wanting.
* If you are running the car hard in hot/humid conditions.

E34 540I will benefit from CAI in normal conditions, if you going to red line it in all gears in humid weather within 15 minutes you will see some minor performance de-gration over x number of pulls FASTER then you would see on stock air box that this car comes with.

I never said CAI dipped below stock air intake in those pulls, but it was definitely not as consistent with every pull.

The gains from this setup are worth $$$, if you already have chip/lsd/exaust on this engine this is the way to go for extra HP as there are pretty much no other options.

K&N with block off plate (I'm running Bavarian Auto) setup is something I would recommend and it does give you more power.

No damage what so ever, both top and low end look brand new and leakdown tests are 100%.

I'm only speaking for 540I at this point.

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