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As an attempt to get this thread back on topic regarding MM Old School Maintenance I follow some of his recommendations. However where you live and how you drive affects the schedule more than blindly following something set in stone. Extended oil changes for example Kola Motor Sports in Columbus, Ohio used to post pictures of BMWs that ran these oil changes. BMW forced Brett Anderson the owner to remove the pics or face litigation. The pics showed severely sludhed engines bearing failures. Now what isn't clear is how they were driven in Ohio. What is clear is that these were local cars subject to larger temperature fluctuations year round than cars in the south where I live most of the time. It all depends short drives say 4 miles twice a day in colder climates in stop and go traffic will provide different results than a 26 mi drive twice a day in warmer climates at freeway speeds. Clearly this factor accounts for more weighting than anything else. My 284K mile E36 M3 had only BMW oil changes using 5W30 synthetic oil. This car lived in AZ and FL and was free of sludge.
Had this car been given the same maintenance treatment in Ohio with short drives with the engine seldom getting out of open loop running the results would be different.
To the point you cannot run a statistical analysis of BMWs program against MM's program because you can't compare components that failed at a certain point against those taken out of service and replaced.
Lifetime fluids is another divigent point between BMW and independents. BMW used to state lifetime fluilds for
Automatic transmissions but now states 100k mi
Changes. Why? Because they failed and BMW has to compete with Lexus etc and their schedules are
Much different. ZF manufacturer of many automatic tramsmissions has recommended 50k mi changes vs BMW now saying 100k mi changes. I side with the manufacturer of the tramsmission not BMW in this case and if I spend too much for maintenance for peace of mind so be it...
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