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Mein Auto: S/C F150 / m3?
Ya Im reading that thread right looks like most of the maintenance stuff has been done, but I dont know about the shock mounts, bushings, etc...I do know it has been lowered and has koni shocks, I think he said they are coilovers but I dont know for sure, it definetly rides pretty dang firm. I know of a VERY good local shop that knows these cars very well (both of the owners sons have them and track the heck out of them). I am definetly very mechanical and can handle 90% of the maintenance myself...I am just a little burned out on wrenching as I have an f150 I did a complete drivetrain swap and then supercharged and have been working on it constantly since...Ill never get that crazy with a DD again, but its fun when its running good!

The guys at that shop told I was crazy thinking I would get anywhere near that mpg wise but I dont think they drive on the freeway much at all. I can definetly handle regular maintenance but I am not really looking for something I will be constantly wrenching on and dumping money you think with the maintenance that has been done and if it passes a PPI well I will be pretty solid with it?

Lastly what do you guys think is a good price on the car? I would be trading straight accross for my supermoto which is probably worth $5000-5500ish so Im thinking that is a pretty good deal on the car? Otherwise I would probably keep the bike for fun and get some super cheap beater car I dont really care about.
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