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Mein Auto: S/C F150 / m3?
I dont think it needs anymore mods than it already has, its plenty quick and a ton of fun to drive...dont get me wrong Im not looking for a hybrid but I do need it to get 25+ mpgs to be worth the extra insurance cost and everything, if I could get upper 20s doing 75-80 I would be stoked...I am sick of constantly wrenching on the truck and dont really want to drive it everday and rack up the miles anyway. I was planning on commuting on the bike, but its just not the right bike for freeway commuting and the backway is way out of the way, and I dont really like riding it at night and I have a couple night classes. Its so much easier to have a car to throw your stuff in, cruise down the freeway at 75-80 and you are home before you know it!

I am sure I would occasionally hit some back roads and maybe even track it once in a blue moon when my dad takes his 997TT out but it wouldnt be very often. I love my bike and hate to get rid of it, but atleast if I get the m3 I still have a fun toy I can play with and a pretty good dd for school in one.

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