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Mein Auto: 98 Bmw 740 il
98 740 il lifter problems plz help i think I been screwed.

Im a noob to mechanics so any advise is deeply appreciated. First I started having problems with my timing chain tensioner. So i brought it to a mechanic and he fix the timing chain tensioner and now he saying my lifters are having problem. He never told me anything about the lifter or did I ever have any lifter problems prior to the tensioner problems. I brought my car to three mechanic and none of them ever mention any lifter problems. I changed the oil full synthetic with some lucas to see if the problem will fix but i think its actually getting worst. If I remember I was having a noise come from the left side of the engine and now i can hear a noise coming from both sides now. Also the mechanic is telling me to buy a oil pump because he says my oil pressure isnt right or low and that he checked it. My car is not indicating me no oil problems on the dash. Like wouldnt my car let me know? thanks in advance.
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