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new owner help with my 1996 750il Radio does not work and starter problems!!

Hello everyone,
I have just brought my !st BMW and i am excited! I need a bit of guidance with a few issues though.

Radio does'nt work!
starter needs to be replaced!

#1 Radio. well sound comes thru the speakers when i turn the key and also when i push buttons on the phone. I can even hear some type of sound when i push other buttons on the stereo, but no radio stations, or Cd playing either. I checked the CD changer in the trunk and it seems to be working fine to me. please help!

#2. When I brought the car yesterday the person said to me that the starter needed to be replaced, I was and, am a bit unsure if he is correct because he didn't seem to know much about the car. I knew more than he did and i did not even own the car! is it possible that the starter is not the problem? maybe a fuse,relay,something of that type? when the key is inserted everything powers up fully. When the key is turned completely at times i hear clicking and when i do it again there is no sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated

yours truly Loving this car!!
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