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Oil leak

I have this same problem as we speak. I have a 2004 BMW x5 4.8is and was noticing whit smoke and mostly when I was idle at a stop light. Ive never noticed any actual leakage as far as from under the car just the smoke and occasionally the smell. My mechanic diagnosed it as valve leak and possibly bad rings. My estimatted cost for a fix is about $4,000. He suggested me to use a product by Lucus..I cant remenber the exact name but its in Auto Zone..a white tall bottle and says "stops oil leaks" on the front. He advised mme that this would kinda renew the valves and help reduce the leak for a while. So that i could work on getting together the money for the valve replacement. It has worked!!..I notice the smoking alot less and my oil levels are maintained longer
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