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I've been reading this thread and to the OP I feel bad that you not only had a bad experience with the GT and BMW but that it was so bad that you felt the need to post a thread here about it.

I can only speak from my experience and it seems that GT owners who got the first MY 2010 GTs have had more issues than those like myself with 2012 GTs.

The only issue I've had was I started up the car and tried to pull out quickly in Manhattan on 7th Ave South and the computer brain-farted and the car went into limp mode. This occurred before the Nav display had fully loaded. But after I made it home I restarted the car and everything was fine.

I've never seen the issue again and I've been driving 10 months since that happened. Since that fault occurred I always start the car up and wait till the initial RPMs drop to idle and drive it gently in Normal mode until the oil temp raises a little at which point I switch into Sport mode.

But I feel the need to chime in with my opinions on my GT. Of all my BMWs, most of which were manual(or SMG) and 3 series:

1983 633csi
2000 328ci w/sport package
2003 M3 convertible w/hardtop SMG
2006 330xi (sedan)
2008 M3 convertible
2012 550i xDrive GT

This is by far my favorite car. Yes it can be a little floaty in Normal mode (which I only drive in to warm the vehicle up), Yes my MPG sucks. But man is this car fast, it's super stealth in my opinion.

3 weeks ago I drove to Boston for a wedding with 5 people and luggage, 2 of the passengers were 6'4"+ and we made it back in 3.5 hours door to door (just in time for the Jets game with everyone rested and comfortable. It was the first time I'd done that drive and my neck didn't hurt afterwards.

I've gotten 3 mountain bikes and 2 other passengers plus luggage into the GT with no problem.

I still drive extra careful when traversing narrow spaces (double parked FreshDirect trucks are a bitch) but all in all the car drives much smaller than it looks.

Is it faster and more maneuverable than my previous 3-series vehicles? Yes and no, the 20" rims go a long way to help with cornering. And despite cracking my head on the roofliner when I failed to see a freshly made and unlabeled speed bump in Williamsburg my rims are perfectly intact and no bubbles in my tires (Pirelli). (knock on wood)

My philosophy is that instead of having expectations when you drive any car you should pay attention to how the car was meant to be driven based on its capabilities.

If I'm driving a rental Chevy Malibu I'll find a way to whip it, but that's just how we drove growing up in Brooklyn and learning to drive on Flatbush Ave (the worst place in the US to drive IMHO).

Once again I feel sorry that some people have had issues with their GTs and that experience was so bad that a thread needed to be created expressing their angst. My experience with the GT is that it is a great vehicle and my favorite BMW to date, and that is coming from someone who has owned 2 M3 convertibles
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