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Hey I think its great that people use the Park...however, yesterday my garage door thingy stopped working...I opened the door and even pushed the button to park, I saw it go into park.
I walked over about 8 feet to key in my garage code when out of the corner of my eye i catch the car coming at me and my 4 year old. Car eventually stopped when it crunched my grge door.
I get in the car and the gear symbol is is in Neutral and transmission failure code is on! Now it goes into gear for a few seconds then utomatically goes into I can hit the gas and start moving before it dissengages and you're free wheeling.
Now...before people get their panties in a wad over the parking brake note that I use it and I'm talking about the parking shift position. If it doesn't mean park, why even have it....consider this..none of my regular analog automatic transmission vehicles magically change gears from park to neutral even if the transmission does fail... I understand completely why this is a safety issue and if you are not concerned you should be. CAR SHOULD NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO FROM PARK TO NEUTRAL ON ITS OWN! One day you'll forget the parking brake and you'll find your car when ghost riding without you...and hopefully it doesn't kill someone or destroy property.
This is a huge issue and while I understand not every little fault deserves a recall, this one does.
If you go to the nhtsa website you'll find that there are more than a random number of complaints regarding this issue, 50 are the ones that caused property loss or injury, with most vehicles in question having less than 50,000 miles.
If it hasn't happened to may! Please assist in any way to ensure BMW addreses at least this issue. Call whomever you have to. I'm doing my part, mainly because dealer said its gonna cost $10k but what if it had hit my daughter?
I understand trannys ware out but thats not the issue...We're talking about a fairly low mileage car with an electrically unsafe default operation that causes it to shift gears on its own. My tranny engages once in a while so the mechanics are fine, its just electrical. I just can't see why this was added to the code at all? Even for the limp home mode, if any other automatic car fails while Parked they don't switch to neutral why should Bimmers of this caliber?
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