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When people are considering W&T insurance, they should really make sure they understand what tire insurance already comes from the manufacturer. I saw some posts on bimmerfest here and in the GT forum stating that Goodyear tires are covered. While my dealer told me a bold face lie "Goodyear only warranties for 12 month for defects only"...taking advice on the GT forum I called the Goodyear 800# and was quickly told that ALL GOODYEAR RUNFLATS are guaranteed for 6 years for BOTH Defects AND Road Hazard. During the first 12 months, it is 100% although you do pay the dealer for mount/balance. After 12 months, the warranty is pro-rated. Goodyear even called my Service Adv. for me and gave them the claim #. I paid $45 vs. $470!

So getting back to the insurance question, if I had bought the W&T insurance for my new GT, I would really only be buying Wheel insurance + some small amount of protection on the road hazard assuming the insurance is full replacement and not pro-rated.
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