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Originally Posted by BimmerVSR View Post
When people are considering W&T insurance, they should really make sure they understand what tire insurance already comes from the manufacturer. I saw some posts on bimmerfest here and in the GT forum stating that Goodyear tires are covered. While my dealer told me a bold face lie "Goodyear only warranties for 12 month for defects only"...taking advice on the GT forum I called the Goodyear 800# and was quickly told that ALL GOODYEAR RUNFLATS are guaranteed for 6 years for BOTH Defects AND Road Hazard. During the first 12 months, it is 100% although you do pay the dealer for mount/balance. After 12 months, the warranty is pro-rated. Goodyear even called my Service Adv. for me and gave them the claim #. I paid $45 vs. $470!

So getting back to the insurance question, if I had bought the W&T insurance for my new GT, I would really only be buying Wheel insurance + some small amount of protection on the road hazard assuming the insurance is full replacement and not pro-rated.
In line with this comment...

People MUST read and understand the written warranty: many mfgs have one warranty for retail tires and a DIFFERENT warranty for the exact same tire when it comes OE on the car.

Given how common it is for telephone customer support to get it wrong, remember that the legally binding answer is in the documents (disc) that comes with the car...
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