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Hello Bdman. This thread is my way of venting. Believe me I wish I didn't have to start it. My first thread on this site "I'm a 535i Gran Turismo owner now!" shows how excited I was about getting the car. I've even said in my comments on this thread, it's a great car. What drove me away from the car and the company was BMW's response to the problem. I admit, I'm not an expert on what would cause 2 cracks on 2 different wheels at 2 different times, with no outward evidence of damage to wheel or the tire on the wheel. I spent 28 plus years as a California Highway Patrol officer and have seen pretty must every type of damage to a vehicle there is and nothing like this. If I hit something hard enough that could crack a wheel, I would know and would have it checked because its a safety issue. Only reason I was aware of it was the loss of air pressure in the tire. Even you said after hitting something "when I failed to see a freshly made and unlabeled speed bump in Williamsburg my rims are perfectly intact and no bubbles in my tires (Pirelli). (knock on wood)." Mine could just be a bad batch of wheels with a manufacturing defect. I know how I drive and if I accept BMW's explanation for the cause of the cracks in 2 different wheels, then there are thousands of BMW owners driving around with cracked wheels that they have no idea of because normal everyday driving could crack them.

I spent a lot of money to buy the car, money I could have used to buy any other luxury car on the market but I chose BMW. The car was great, I won't trash it and I wish the best to everyone who owns one. How the company responded to my issue was not so great. From a customer relations and public relations viewpoint I think BMW could have done better. For safety reasons I think they have to do better. They chose not to. I can afford to buy a whole new set of wheels and tires for the car that might resolve the issue, but I would still have to deal with BMW on any other issues that might come up. I chose not to. So I took a huge loss on the car to move on, get away from the company and buy another company's luxury car to enjoy. Just had to vent a bit on my way out

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