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Originally Posted by BoricuaBeemer View Post
Hey Guys,

I just recently upgraded from my 2005 Acura TL to a 2008 528xi over the weekend. I loved mY Acura, but the thing was falling apart after 6 years of use (I bought it when I was 18 and had my "ricer" days, but those days are over) ... Basically 4k it needed in repairs and warranty was done, My Acura Dealer bought the car for 12k and they absorbed the 4k in repairs and I was able to get into my Bimmer which has 42k miles and 3 years extended warranty for $26k... I dont feel like it was a bad deal especially since the car seems to have TONS of features that my Acura didnt have. So far I LOVE this car and I was able to get my first BMW before the age 25 which I made a personal goal a long time ago, so I am very happy to be a BMW owner...

So I have been looking around the forum and I dont see alot of 528xi owners, but alot of 535 and 550 owners. I know the 528 is not much of a speedster, but its ok since I love to just cruise around the city, not into racing or anything, so I am just about the asthetics and the Luxury inside the car...

Does anyone know any pro's and cons about the 5 series? more specifically the 08 528xi version? any input would be appreciated thanks
Holy crap!! your story is like almost IDENTICAL to mines!! I too have came from an 05 Acura TL in which I traded in to my 04 545i at my local BMW dealer! also had my TL for the longest time but I finally realized that I wanted to German and with RWD as opposed to FWD in all my vehicles before.... and the other thing too is that I just turned 25 not too long ago as well!! its like for some strange spooky reason, we are somehow twins that thought alike and had the same upgrade path LOL ... but yeah, welcome and congrats on your BMW, I am sure you will love it, as I am absolutely LOVING mines! blows my TL straight out of the water and my TL was no slouch ether
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